St Peter / Balsall Common

We are now making all our services available online ... choose from recent ones!

If you want to speak to someone at the church, please phone Moira on 01676 532389 or our Churchwarden Chris on 01676 532793 - or email us on


We continue to stand with our friends and neighbours in the less-advantaged world, to fight for justice and against the climate disaster that is approaching - and which will hit them hardest and first. We ask for your prayers, your contributions of cash, and your support in campaigns and action. We ask for your support for the churches’ lobbying of the COP26 meeting of world leaders later this year. To watch a short video about the issues and what Christian Aid is doing, 

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'Watch this space' for updates.

We know that people cannot always get to church or don’t have cash with them, so we have installed a “contactless” donation point in church. If you want to give thanks or support our work ‘online’, (as we are growing our ‘virtual’ congregation!) you can also donate by Clicking on this link - have your card handy!

Please see our ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Social Media’ pages, and email or phone us, if you need pastoral or spiritual support and we’ll do what we can. If you want to get our weekly newsletter, please drop us an e-mail. Just keep watching these pages and following our social media - or ...

For the latest news from our friends in Malawi, Click here to see our 'Malawi' page!

For the latest news on COVID in our Parish click here to see Andrew Burrow's latest Update

You will also be very welcome to come to the church for Communion and Private Prayer on Wednesdays between 10:00 and 11:00am, when you can also leave Foodbank gifts for Helping Hands - and of course the online services are ‘in your own time’! (Or you can join us in person on Sundays - email for a link or see the weekly newsletter).

NB The email address for the Vicar has changed: please contact him at

 “Daily Hope”, a free national telephone line, offers music, prayers and reflections as well as services from the Church of England at the end of the phone, 24 hours a day on 0800 804 8044


St Peter's Balsall Common

This is the homepage for the church of St Peter Balsall Common. We are a friendly, inclusive neighbourhood church with services, faith & social events for all ages & life-stages.

In these pages we set out our values and activities, tell people who we are and what we are about, and invite you to join in. You can click on the boxes at the bottom of the page for 'newsletters' and forthcoming events. Where there is different colour text, or sometimes underlined text we provide 'hot links' that go directly to the information. 

More information at where you will find updates about sudden and unexpected changes of plan, as well as reminder of regular and special events and regular updates also appear on . If you prefer a longer read, our monthly Magazine 'The Key' is also now available on-line as a .pdf file! You can read it here online! Please let us know if you do, so we shall know that this is valued, and might remember to update it more regularly!

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St Peter's stands on the south-west edge of the growing 'village' of Balsall Common, but aspires to be at the heart of the community and to bring the message of Christ to all who live nearby. We have social activities for all ages, including 'mothers and toddlers', older people, and young people. We extend a welcome to all who want to learn more about our faith, or to join our activity. You may already have come to one of our social events, or have had a visit one Saturday in our 'Say One for Me' programme - but if you have not and don’t know us, we’d love to meet you!

Our church has tried to be accessible to everyone. We have a level floor (no steps!), comfortable chairs, a modern audiovisual and livestream system and acoustic loop (and wifi!) and a bright interior! As far as possible, we seek to be Inclusive, Dementia friendly and Aware of autism (neurodiversity).

We hope our services combine a warm welcome and an informal feel with proper reverence and worship and activities for Youth & Children. With the local Methodist Church, we also provide outreach services at the Harper Fields Care Home, on one Friday morning every month. (During COVID we have been offering a weekly “Online” service by Zoom, which has been well attended by the residents, who asked for it.) We do not believe that 'church' is only for Sunday, so have lots of things for different age groups on a variety of weekdays as well.

Please feel free to visit our church and become part of all this, too!

NB: Safeguarding

We take issues of child protection (and the protection of vulnerable adults) very seriously.  If you have a concern, you can find our policies and contact details here.

Registered Charity in UK: # 1184291