St Peter / Balsall Common

Each week we try to upload the recording of the 9:30 am (and any other services) for that weekend, once the recording has been processed and uploaded. Usually this will be sometime in the evening. 
Sorry, we were unable to upload the videos of the service last Sunday, and the team are all away this week. We hope to arrange for the videos of November 1st as usual.

To view the 'Powerpoint' slides for the Confirmation on Sunday 18th October, Click on this Link

To watch the video of the Confirmation service on Sunday 18th Oct. Click HERE ....

To view the 'Powerpoint' slides for the October Switch informal service Click on THIS Link

The video of our Switch service on Oct 18th Can now be viewed here!

NB we are learning as we go! 

If you enjoy watching these videos, please do give us your feedback ..... (if nobody does, we may lose heart and stop putting them up! Sorry, but it does take time and effort and we might be better doing something else - please let us know what!) Just email us Click to send a message!

Please let us know if you have enjoyed this, or if you have other comments (or problems!)

Many thanks....