St Peter / Balsall Common

We offer our Sunday services both ‘in person’ at their usual time on Sunday, and also as “online anytime services”, which means you can worship at the ‘normal’ time, or (normally) at any time that suits you. The church is also open (during daylight hours) for you to drop in for private prayer at any time - or to leave donations for the foodbank & refugee appeals.

This coming week, we have a Sung Eucharist (communion) for the Second Sunday in Advent. This, we intend to livestream (click on this link), but would love to see you in person, and will have good coffee afterwards! Or if you prefer, join us at Temple Balsall church at 10:45 as we re-enact the 'planting' (sending out) of our church from the 'Mother Church', to serve the new community along Balsall Street and Holly Lane, way back in 1871!! We intend to process (or at least, walk) back along the footpaths to get our coffee a bit later, at St Peter's!

We have been holding a ‘midweek' short service of prayer each Wednesday, and now we are back in Church with a short service of Communion at 10:30am on Wednesday each week, when you can also drop in with donations for the Refugees or Food Bank (10:00-11:00).

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The way we were - before Covid!

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