St Peter / Balsall Common

We offer our Sunday services both ‘in person’ at their usual time, and also as “online anytime services”, which means you can worship at the ‘normal’ time, or online at any time that suits you. The church is also open (during daylight hours) for you to drop in for private prayer at any time - or to leave donations for the foodbank & refugee appeals, or say a prayer for Ukraine.

The pattern of services (and links) for the next few weeks is set out below:

This week our 9:30 service was Harvest Festival - all were welcome, your gifts of fresh fruit and vegetables were very welcome at the Foodbank! To join us, click on this link A report on that can be seen on our Facebook and Twitter posts … @spcbalsall ….

This coming Sunday we have a normal Eucharist at 9:30 and an Informal service at 11:00 …. Links later!

We have a ‘midweek' short service of Communion at 10:30am on Wednesday each week, when you can also drop in with donations for the Refugees or Food Bank.

If you enjoy watching these videos, please do give us your feedback - Just email us Click to send a message!

If you are looking for something more - the Church of England nationally, has created a new resource called 'Everyday Faith' which provides links, courses, daily prayer and other forms of online support for those seeking to live, and learn more about, our Faith. Click here to see the resource and to 'sign up' (Its Free)

The way we were - before 

Do let us know if you have questions of comments …. Many thanks....