St Peter / Balsall Common

Now we are back in Lockdown, we have gone back to the previous system for our “online services”, which means you can worship at the ‘normal’ time, or at any time that suits you. Just click on the link below, and you will begin with some text, then at places throughout the service, you have the opportunity to click on a link for a video of the service being conducted by the Vicar in church, or a hymn, or a reading, prayers, or the sermon. If you wish to pause at any time, you can come back and carry on as it suits you.

Here are two pictures - there is a connection to the service!


This coming Sunday, November 22nd, is an ‘all-age’ communion and we have an activity for the children which will involve them making a mask! Here are links to the masks, so you can print them off (or make one yourself!) in advance.

Goats: Click here to download and print a goat mask

Sheep: Click here to download and print a Sheep mask

To join our All Age Eucharist for Sunday 22nd November, click here

NB we are learning as we go and there are some things we want to get better. 

If you enjoy watching these videos, please do give us your feedback ..... (if nobody does, we may lose heart and stop putting them up! Sorry, but it does take time and effort and we might be better doing something else - please let us know what!) Just email us Click to send a message!

Please let us know if you have enjoyed this, or if you have other comments (or problems!)

Many thanks....