St Peter / Balsall Common

We offer our Sunday services both ‘in person’ at their usual time on Sunday, and also as “online anytime services”, which means you can worship at the ‘normal’ time, or at any time that suits you. 

We welcome you to join us this Sunday for Eucharist - 09:30 in church & ‘livestream’ - click on this link - it will open in YouTube:  

There is also an Informal service - Lighthouse -which you might prefer - 11:00 in church and livestream - Click on this link after 10:50am to join

You can watch the story of the First Palm Sunday, as explained by St Peter's Puppets, Online anytime ... (Click on those words!!)

To watch St Peter's Puppets tell the story of the First Easter Click on this link

We have been holding a ‘midweek' short service of prayer each Wednesday, and now we are back in Church with a short service of Communion at 10:30am on Wednesday each week.

If you enjoy watching these videos, please do give us your feedback - Just email us Click to send a message!

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