St Peter / Balsall Common

We offer our Sunday services both ‘in person’ at their usual time on Sunday, and also as “online anytime services”, which means you can worship at the ‘normal’ time, or (normally) at any time that suits you. 

This week’s 9:30 service will be a Family Harvest Eucharist (Communion), suitable for all ages, led by our Vicar, Peter Thomas. The Sermon will be a talk by Jamie Walsh, Chair of the Narthex Trust, who will tell us about the work of the Foodbank and charity at St John’s Sparkhill. Please bring your gifts of fresh fruit and veg, which will be sent to the foodbank after the service. For ‘anytime’ viewing, just click here ......

Last Sunday there was a National Climate Service - with inputs from across four nations, at Glasgow Cathedral and digitally. You can watch the event here:

There is no 11:00 service this week, and as the Hymns and Pimms event should be held outdoors, we cannot stream that to the internet - you’ll just have to come in person and enjoy the drinks and singing in real time!

We have been holding a ‘midweek' short service of prayer each Wednesday, and now we are back in Church with a short service of Communion at 10:30am on Wednesday each week, when you can also drop in with donations for the Food Bank (10:00-11:00).

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The way we were - before Covid!

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