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A Note Before We Start. We have to be careful to comply with copyright law, include some music or video. We do have a CCLI licence for music in church and online use.(CCLI Licenses: Account 758739)  There are some recordings in the public domain or that are allowed by their Rights Owner for use in worship etc... and YouTube is covered by a different set of rules. Apologies also for the inclusion of advertisements in some of these clips! The Rights Owners pay for the copyright, so we have to put up with them.

Thank you all for joining Lighthouse service. Today, on Valentine’s Day, at Lighthouse we are speaking about How much Jesus loves us? We are going to hear Father Peter reading from the Bible and challenging us with some questions. We are going to hear lovely and very familiar songs that we can join in with, and we are going to hear an ever-lasting story about How do I know you love me, with a young family of St Peter’s. We could make a lovely pop-up Valentine’s card; and finally, we can join together in meditation and prayers.

Let’s begin by joining together to say our prayer for growth

We open our service with our first worship song, ‘My Lighthouse’.  Click here to join in.

Please click here in order to hear more about today’s Lighthouse theme with Livia.

We go forward with Father Peter reading from the Bible and inviting us to reflect upon some very important questions.  Click here to see the video

Now we join the Lighthouse band with “Jesus loves me”.  Click here to join in the singing. 

Please join one of our young families for an adapted version of Sam McBratney’story, Guess how much I love you? Have ready a couple of bunnies and enjoy the story!  Click here for the video.

Now please join Graham and the band for the next song “How Deep The Fathers Love For Us”. Click here to join in the singing.

Please join Livia for a lovely pop-up Valentine card with Jesus, print the template from hereJoin the craft video here.


Please join Graham for atmospheric meditation music, “Let There Be Love”.  Click here for the video

Now please join one of our young people for final prayers.  Click here for the video.

Click on this link to see Final blessings from Father Peter.


Now please join together for the final song: “God’s Spirit”.  Click here to join in the singing.

Thank you all for joining in! If you liked the Service, the story, music and activities, don’t forget to send us your feedback and suggestions. You can use the St Peter's Church For Kids Facebook page, or our regular email. Until next time stay safe and healthy and hope to see you all soon!