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Her you can read the Agenda, and formal notices as well as the reports from the organisations of the church for the Annual Parish Meeting, describing their activities for the year 2019-2020.  Reports for previous years can be found on another page - click Here for the link to read them . A shorter report will be available in the monthly magazine “The Key”. If you need to see  a printed version, a file copy will be made available at the back of the church.

There follow:

Separate Reports as itemised on agenda:  (follow link to read these directly)


Sunday 8 March at Noon in St Peter’s Church Hall


1.Notice of convening meeting to be read

2.Apologies for absence

3.Minutes of Vestry Meeting held on 7 April 2019

4.Matters arising

5.Election of Churchwardens


Minutes of 60th Annual Vestry Meeting

held on Sunday 7 April 2019 at 11.00am in St Peter’s Church

In attendance: Fr Peter, Malcolm Leighton (Church Warden), Chris Lee (Treasurer), Susan Clinton(Secretary)

There were 21 members of the congregation in attendance.

1. Notice of Convening Meeting

Fr Peter confirmed that the notice convening the meeting had been displayed for the required two weeks.

2. Apologies

Apologies were received from: George Badger, Sian Foster, Miriam Griffiths, Stephen Hughes, Antony Jenks, Bryan Marlow & Linda Marlow.

3. Minutes of Vestry Meeting 2018

The Minutes of the 59th Annual Vestry Meeting held on Sunday 8 April 2018 were read, agreed and signed.

4. Matters Arising from the Vestry Meeting 2018

There were no matters arising from the minutes of the 59th Annual Vestry Meeting held on Sunday 8 April 2018.

5. Election of Churchwardens:

Two nominations were received for the Churchwarden positions:

Mrs Christine Hornsby and Mr Malcolm Leighton

All attendees at the meeting werein favour of the nomineesAGREED

Fr Peter thanked Malcolm Leighton for his service as sole Churchwarden over the past year, and both nominees were thanked for their support for the forthcoming year.

The meeting closed at 11.09am



Sunday 8th March 2020 at noon in St Peter’s Church Hall


1.Notice of convening meeting to be read

2.Apologies for absence

3.Minutes of 60th Parochial Church Meeting held on Sunday 7 April 2019

4.Matters arising

5.Treasurer’s Report and Accounts for 2019

6.Report of Vicar

7.CFM Report

8.Electoral Roll Officer’s Report

9.PCC Secretary’s Report

10.Churchwardens’ Report

11.Deanery Synod Report

12.List of Sides Persons

13.Election of four Parochial Church Council members

14.Election of three Deanery Synod members

15.Appointment of Independent Examiner

16.Attached Reports of Church Organisations

17.Any other business


Minutes of 60th Parochial Church Meeting

held on Sunday 7 April 2019 at 11.10am in St Peter’s Church

In attendance: Fr Peter, Malcolm Leighton (Church Warden), Chris Lee (Treasurer), Susan Clinton (Secretary)

There were 21 members of the congregation in attendance.

1. Notice of Convening Meeting

Fr Peter confirmed that the notice convening the meeting had been displayed for the required two weeks.

2. Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from: George Badger, Sian Foster, Miriam Griffiths, Stephen Hughes, Antony Jenks, Bryan Marlow & Linda Marlow.

3. Minutes of Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2018

The Minutes of the 59th Parochial Church Meeting held on Sunday 8 April 2018 were read, agreed and signed all in favour. AGREED

4. Matters Arising from the Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2018

There were no matters arising from the minutes of the 59th Annual Vestry Meeting held on Sunday 8 April 2018.

5.Treasurer’s Report and Accounts for 2018

The Treasurer, Chris Lee, circulated copies of the annual accounts prior to the start of the meeting(copy attached). She reported that there is a small increase in thesurplus, showing in the current account, from the previous year. The giving scheme has been a great success, with many of the congregation opting to give a small increase; the scheme saves the Treasurer much work, however she is pleased for the church to receive monies in any format. Receipts have carried on in-line with 2017. St Peter’s PCC had opted to increase the required contribution to the Common Fund to more than that in 2017, to demonstrate that we are able to support a full time vicar, and to support less well off churches.

Chris thanked Chris Hornsby for the Hall Accounts, and Balsall Common Parish Council for their contribution for the hall lighting. She also thanked The Rock for raising over £2K, and Knowle United Charity for their generous donation, both of which were allocated to the CFM account (Children & Families Missioner).

Chris noted that some accounts only have a small amount of money in, but they are being kept open, in case they are need in the future.

St Peter’s has now taken on paying for the CFM post for two years, drawing down on the CFM account. Funding will eventually come from the current account, which has been enabled by the reduction in the Common Fund.

Fr Peter thanked Chris Lee for everything that she does as Treasurer.

6Report of Vicar

I present now my 14th report as your Vicar.

First, thank you all for your continuing support for Christ’s ministry in this place and for your collective devotion to Our Lord Jesus. Particular thanks must go to Moira who has unstintingly supported me in leading this parish and sharing the preaching. Without her dedication and encouragement St Peter’s would not be where it is today.

We are very glad now to have Alison Bennett and Chris Price training to be readers alongside Moira. We pray for them as they train.

And while I’m on the thank you’s I want to thank Malcolm, our warden who has so valiantly carried on single-handedly in this role for most of the past year I know it hasn’t always been easy. There are also many others (too many to mention) that have worked incredibly hard to ensure all that we do happens and for them we are thankful.

I report now on the spiritual and pastoral side while other matters are covered elsewhere.

First the worship

The worshipping life of our church continues to be varied.

The SWITCH service once a month is now prepared and led by an excellent team. It continues attracting young families many of which take part in leading. The planning team works hard to provide a variety of themes and activities and teaching.

We continued with café Church on the 5th Sundays of the month some including communion others non-eucharistic. I am eternally grateful for all who work behind the scenes to make this happen.

The ‘Lighthouse’ service provides an easily accessible service for those who are unable to make a morning service. In the last year we saw new people take a lead alongside Claire and now Livia.

Other services during the year included,

- World day of prayer

- pet service,

- Music for holy week and Easter

- Hymns and Pimms

- Easter celebration

- Blessing of school bags at the beginning of term

- baptisms

- fresh fruit and veg. harvest service

- baptism anniversary and God parent Sunday

- evensong for the day of remembering (All Souls)

- Advent meditation stations

- Christingle & nativity,

- nine lessons and carols,

The average weekly attendance remained static last year. It may seem that congregation numbers for some services were lower but with additional services offering different types of worship we are maintaining our numbers. However, due to reduced numbers at the 8 o’clock we have now gone to just two a month. The pattern of people coming to worship is changing, there are less people coming every Sunday but more coming less than every week. Last Christmas we had more than ever over the different services many of whom were new to us.

Junior church numbers at present are low and we will be addressing the reasons for this in the coming months.

We have a team of volunteers offering to lead junior church on a rota basis. We must continue praying for our work with the children and their parents.

Other events of spiritual nourishment.

At the beginning of the year we had our LyCiG Local course which has proved valuable in assessing how we consolidate our faith to encourage growth spiritually and numerically. During the year there has continued to be opportunities for spiritual nourishment, from the quiet mornings and Lenten Breakfasts, and the Monday (now Thursday) lunchtime prayers for the parish. There are the ongoing regular groups that pray, study and discuss matters of faith. I am grateful to all those who lead and faithfully meet in the various Exploring faith groups, the Mother’s Union, and the Start course. They all provide opportunity for question, sharing and discovery about the faith and are a valuable addition to our life together as a church. We must also include of course, the groups for our young people. Junior Church the Rock club, and Rock up which each provide time of learning and praying together in an appropriate age related way.

A children’s week was held in the summer with great success.

It is important to pray and learn together beyond Sunday worship and to share together in small groups. We are always open to the possibility of new groups forming.

People and Places

The Diocese last year started looking at a new framework for the ministry needs in the diocese and consulting on how to most effectively we can grow the kingdom of God within the diocese given the resources available. This is an ongoing process and we will be hearing more about it in the months ahead. As a parish we will be involved in helping to shape the future ministry to all God’s people in the Birmingham diocese so our prayers are asked for this process

During the year we were sad to see our Claire, our Children and Families Missioner move on to a new post in Warwick but we are also glad to have been able to appoint Livia to take up the mantle of encouraging our work with children and families. We have seen the fruit of this ministry and I am confident this will continue if we all take our part in supporting and encouraging this work. We as Christians are in the business of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to all generations. The Diocese have invested in our parish and ministry and we rejoice in that but we now have a responsibility to ensure we make our own investment so this valuable work can continue into the future.

This last year a large group of people from our Churches together churches continued to do assemblies using the ‘Open The Book’ programme. They do 4 a term at Balsall Common primary and 2 a term at Springfield special school in Temple Balsall. Their reputation goes before them so that George Fentham School has asked if they could go into their school too. The team are therefore looking to recruit more to join them to enable this to happen.

We ran the pop up Easter experience again last Easter and were also able to do a ‘Christmas through the keyhole’ experience too. This meant many of the school children came into church to learn all about the Easter and Christmas stories. Thanks to those members of the congregation who helped with these.

In the community I and Moira take services at Harper Fields Care home, and other home communions. It is lovely to see residents from Harper Fields visiting the church for a little service and tea every other month and now there are others joining in on this.

I personally continue to draw support from our Cluster group (Hampton, Temple Balsall, Barston and Berkswell) through the clergy group that meet for sharing, reflecting and prayer, and through the wider Deanery Clergy Chapter and the Bishop’s study days

Say-1-4-Me continues its fourth round with a faithful team going out each second Saturday of the month. This continues to be a fulfilling part of our outreach and offers our prayer support for many.


We have seen Ken Underhill, Brian Hornsby, John Clarke, Anthony Coles and Brenda Newman from our congregation join the heavenly realms and we will all certainly miss them. We are also aware that other congregation members have been bereaved during the last year and are struggling with their bereavement. I remind you all to be supportive of all the bereaved in our midst. The bereavement support group have a valuable ministry among us and I know that they would welcome additional visitors to join them.


As we go into the future growing God’s Kingdom has to be our focus as we reach out to people where they and their interests are. These things must involve our prayer, dedication, and commitment both in time and resources. I ask your continued support in our shared and evolving ministry to the people of Balsall Common and beyond. We are called to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ so let us be fired up with His Spirit.

I remain your faithful servant in Christ for the foreseeable future if you are all willing to continue working with me in this community.

7CFM report

Livia Bacui’s CFM report was published in the AGM pack and is reproduced below. It is based on Livia’s understanding of last year, as she has only been employed since January 2019.

2018 was a successful year for St Peter’s Church team, especially in regards of working together with other partners, such Balsall Common Primary School, “Open the Book”, the Diocese, and other friend parishes.

One of our great events organised in partnership with a local parish, for the primary school children, was Pop Up Easter 2018, when around children from years 1, 3 & 5 attended the event spread over 2 days. The children enjoyed learning the story of the last week of Jesus’ life, through a fascinating mise en scene in 5 stations: Palm Sunday, Last Supper, Garden of Gethsemane, Good Friday and Resurrection. It was wonderful to see how engaged the children were! This event would not been possible without the tremendous work of our volunteers!

A similar event was organized in December 2018, for the Christmas story. Our volunteer team, led by Revd. Peter Thomas, has made all the efforts to receive a large number of children in order to become familiar with the most beautiful story, in the most rightful place! This effort payed off during Christmas specific services - Christingle, Nativity and Carols, when a large number of families with children attended!

8The Electoral Roll Officer’s Report

Mark Johnson reported as the Electoral Roll Officer, that this year in accordance with regulations, the Electoral Roll had to be started from scratch; this needs to be done every seven years. Mark contacted everybody on the previous list, and updated it, so it is now GDPR compliant. Five previous members of the roll had passed away, and others were not renewed due to moving etc, but other church members were added. The Roll now stands at 111.

9.PCC Secretary’s Report

Susan Clinton’s report as PCC Secretary was presented in the AGM pack and is reproduced here:

This is my first report as PCC Secretary at St Peter’s as I was newly elected to the PCC at last year’s AGM.

Much of the activities and discussions of the PCC have been communicated in the AGM reports from the Church groups, so I apologise if anything is repeated here.

The PCC has sat for 6 meetings over the past year, including an extraordinary meeting held in August. At the first meeting in May four newly elected members were welcomed, and the customary elections were held for the various posts of the PCC.

The focus of the earlier meetings in the year was on the Church Families Missioner (CFM) role at St Peter’s, which culminated in the employment of Livia Baciu to replace Claire Reid.

The updated Safeguarding policy and the Drugs policy were reviewed and approved in November, and the Treasurer regularly presented reports throughout the year.

The People and Places Framework, an initiative on the future of C of E parishes and churches in the Birmingham Diocese was introduced to the PCC in the autumn, and has been discussed at meetings since. Last month the PCC hosted an open meeting with invited guest, Archdeacon Simon Heathfield, to introduce St Peter’s to the complexities of the framework. It is expected that there will be further discussions and meetings in the future on this subject.

Members of the PCC are working towards attaining at least a bronze level award, if not the silver award, in the Ecochurch initiative, pending completion of the appropriate paperwork.

The Treasurer’s report and annual accounts were prepared for audit and presented to the PCC at the January meeting; these were accepted subject to audit.

I would like to thank the Chairman and Committee members for making me feel so welcome on the PCC, during my first year.

10.Churchwarden’s Report.

The Church Warden’s report, was presented in the AGM pack, and is reproduced here. Malcolm Leighton, as the sole Church Warden last year, reiterated that he could not have managed without all the help he had.

This year has been quite a learning curve. Going from being number two Church Warden to being the only Church Warden was a strange experience. I must take the opportunity to thank the team of sides persons for their unstinting support which has made the weekly tasks much more manageable and enjoyable. Special thanks go to Margaret Eyre for the times that she has made herself available as Deputy Warden and provided cover when a sides person has suddenly become unavailable.

The Wardens role includes completing various surveys for the diocese including Statistics for Mission. Once again we were able to report encouraging attendance figures for our Easter and Christmas services. The annual inventory and terrier for all the moveable items in the church was completed in March. My thanks go to Peter and Guy for all their time and patience in helping me locate many items. Please can you let us know if you borrow an item and return them as soon as you can. If you are not sure where an item should be located please ask.

The Quinquennial inspection was carried out in March 2018 and it's report duly delivered. The church was given a very positive and encouraging report. There were issues concerning the roof, the bell tower and pointing up in some areas. The smaller issues have been tackled and plans are ongoing to deal with the more expensive items. Various quotes have been requested for the work and we hope work will begin in the near future. A new bell rope has been obtained and should be installed very soon.

The rotas for Sidesmen have been completed and implemented. My thanks to all those who volunteer to arrive early on Sundays to serve our congregation. The friendly and cheerful welcome makes such a difference. The rota for church cleaning has also been produced and implemented. My thanks to the volunteers who work so hard cleaning the church so that all who attend will see it at it's best.

11.Deanery Synod Report

Mark Johnson’s report from the Deanery Synod was included in the AGM and is reproduced here:

The Deanery Synod has met its usual three times this year, including a social get-together with all the churches of the Deanery, an open meeting in St Helen’s Solihull discussing Dementia Friendly churches, and another open event at our church in February, where we learned more about the ‘People and Places’ initiative. Members of the Synod thanked St Peters for the delicious cakes supplied, and were interested to experience our ‘cafe church’ style layout and informal worship. Meetings are a combination of worship, social activity and discussion about policy developments, and learning what our neighbouring churches are doing.

12.List of Sides Persons

Fr Peter was happy to assume that those currently on the list are willing to continue, and added that any volunteers are always welcome to join.

13.Election of PCC Members.

PCC members Bob Farmer, Alla Pavuk & Ray Thompson terms of office were due to end at this meeting, however Bob and Alla expressed their wishes to carry on their roles. Ray Thompson resigned from the PCC.

Nominee: Alla Pavuk Proposed by: Chris LeeSeconded by: Susan Clinton

Nominee: Bob FarmerProposed by Susan ClintonSeconded by: Val White


As there are vacancies on the PCC, Fr Peter requested that he be given permission to co-opt church members onto the PCC during the year.AGREED

14.Election of oneDeanery Synod Representative.

This agenda item was not necessary.

15.Appointment of Independent Examiner

Chris Lee proposed that Alison Worth continues to be our Independent Examiner. AGREED

16.Attached Reports of Church Organisations

The following reports were included in the AGM packs, distributed to attendees:

Afternoon Tea & Cakes*, Bereavement Group, Churches Together, Children & Families Missioner, Communication, Deanery Synod, Diocesan Synod, Exploring Faith (Tuesday Group and Wednesday Group*), Friends at St Peter’s, FROGS, Key Magazine, Lighthouse, Mothers Union, Music, Open the Book, Premises Committee, Reader’s Report, Rock, Safeguarding, Stay & Play*omitted from meeting pack, but published & distributed immediately after the meeting.

17.Any Other Business

Christine Hornsby asked about the Independent Examiner role. Chris Lee responded that if a full audit was required then a professional auditor would need to be engaged, but otherwise Alison Worth’s status and qualification is sufficient, even though she is no longer on the Electoral Roll.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 11.40am.