St Peter / Balsall Common

Here's some ideas for the weekend!

Why not make a PalmLeaf? -

Or try this - making a 'Palm Cross' from a strip of paper … (click on the links below for an explanatory video)


And then you might try this to make a daffodil for Easter?


Our Children & Families Worker is Livia Baciu. She writes regularly in the church magazine, and has an active programme of activities for young people.

She is working to find some more activities for kids and we shall post some of those here, for you to try. We could send them by email if you or your kids cannot use the computer to see them/ follow the instructions! She is posting some of them on the Church's Facebook Page for children: St Peter's Church for Kids

We hope also to have some other new ‘church-like’ stories and activities - why not let us know what you would like! Email and we shall forward your messages to Livia.

More stuff and regular updates on the Facebook Page St Peter's Church for Kids