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Malawi News

18 Jan 2019 • General news

From time to time, we get some news about the churches of the Anglican dioceses of Malawi, which are "twinned" with the churches of Birmingham.  Every year, St Peters has a collection to send some support to the people of Malawi, along with many other churches around this area.  

Malawi Update 2019

Paul Bracher, the Diocesan Malawi Partnership Officer has recently visited all 4 Malawian Dioceses, 12 Anglican schools, 3 Anglican hospitals, 3 health centres, the Anglican Council of Malawi and 8 parishes (including 4 with partner parishes in Birmingham). While there, he saw the impact of the donations from our parishes and Diocese. He writes to share the thanks of our fellow Christians in that country, and to advise us to start thinking about donations for the next container! More information is also available at the Malawi pages of the Diocesan website (

Paul was able to hand over money raised in Birmingham for famine relief. Photos of fertiliser and seed purchased with this money will soon be on our website. Thank you to all who contributed. Paul also visited some remote health clinics and found seriously leaking roofs. As one person commented: `children arrive with malaria and leave with pneumonia`. The Diocese officers have decided immediately to fund replacement roofs for 3 clinics out of funds already raised.

“Above all, the support enables the vital priestly ministry of our sister church to continue. In some cases there is only one priest serving as many as 15 churches, some of them a five hour walk from the central church. As from 2019, some of the giving people in Birmingham so generously make to Malawi each year will be targeted towards the support of particular priests and parishes in the poorest parts of Malawi. The names and photographs of these priests and parishes (and their stories) will appear on our website so we in Birmingham can be helped to identify with them and pray for them.

In addition to hearing some of their stories of faith, we undoubtedly need to learn from Malawi, even more urgently, how we must look after our planet.

One thing we shall be considering in the next year is how we can encourage and enable Malawi to make better use of solar power – we are looking at various options. However, climate change in Malawi teaches us that we must do this in tandem with considering our own energy use.”

The next container lorry will be leaving Birmingham on 18th May 2019. Further details later but children`s clothing, basic first aid, books, stationery etc will all be warmly welcomed in Malawi.

MALAWI CONTAINER We will be collecting goods again this year to send in the Container. Especially needed are children’s shoes, wellington boots & tee shirts, trousers, non-fitted sheets, wool, cotton, embroidery silks etc. Paper & pencils, bandages etc. are always needed. It costs £6 per cubic foot to send all the items. We will also be sending knitted blankets – for information about this speak to Alison Bennett or Stella Lamb. More details from Claire or email Many thanks Claire Laland, Malawi Task Group.

You can also look at the Church of England Birmingham website of the Malawi Link