St Peter / Balsall Common

The Key

29 Mar 2018 • General news

The new issue of our church magazine 'The Key' is usually available on the first Sunday of the month - sometimes a week before that.  We welcome articles from members of the congregation, and items of news to include in the monthly diary - please contact with your contributions.

Cover price for a single copy is £1.00 but you can subscribe for only £7.50 per year (10 issues) and have it delivered or left for you to collect at the back of church.

To subscribe, send an e-mail to or pick up a form at the back of church - or contact the magazine distributors who are listed on the inside back page ("who does what") of each issue.

We have made the full text available here (click here) as a .pdf file online free of charge - if you do read it online, please let us know if this is helpful, and also, if you have any comments. You CAN ALSO ACCESS THE .PDF FILE HERE- Please send a donation (or drop one into the church) if you like this way of reading it, instead of paying a monthly subscription! We still have to pay the printer!!!! (NB more recent issues will be uploaded on demand!)