St Peter / Balsall Common

What's on for Young People of Secondary School age?

During the COVID emergency, we shall be suspending these activities but will see what we can do to provide support for those who need it, or links to prayer and faith related sites which you can trust - please contact us directly to ask if you want help or advice.

The Rock @ St Peter’s is a youth club for years 5 and 6 and meets on Thursday afternoons in term time from 3.30pm until 5.30pm. Café Rock is for Year7 ages, with a bit more bible input and now takes place at 5:45 until 7:00. Details from Livia Baciu, E-mail 💻 Telephone 07931320035

If wanted, we will happily resume our "SPY" group (St Peter's Youth!) during the 9:30 morning service, when young people can talk about their faith, the bible passage for the day, and issues that concern them. 

Every Sunday we have both the 'traditional' modern-language service of communion, and another service which is a bit more Informal and accessible - and might appeal more to younger people and families with children! The new pattern is as follows:

On the 'First Sunday' of every month, we have our new 'Navigate' service at 11:00, in the church but with videos, modern music, and an informal atmosphere!

On the Second Sunday of the month, we hold our Lighthouse service, at 11:00 in the morning, with a live band (you could even join it!) and modern worship songs, activities and a great atmosphere.

Once a month on the Third Sunday the 9:30 morning service is more informal, and we all get together in the Hall for "Switch" (Sunday Worship in the Church or Hall) with lively singing, games and activities for all ages.

On the 'Fourth Sunday' we are trying out a new 'Upper Room' service at 11:00, where we shall have a relaxed service of communion - and some teaching or opportunities to ask questions about what and why we do here … Do come along and help us to develop this!

For musicians, St Peter's Junior Choir (meets on Thursday evenings) always welcomes new members.

There was an 'all-churches' Youth Group (CTBBYG) supported by all the major churches of the village. However, the organisers have decided that it is necessary to take a break from CTBB Youth Group, until we can get some new volunteer helpers!. 

Keep up with the programme! - watch out for postings here